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The Vermilion Spirit

During the late 16th and early 17th century, the historically insular Japanese began actively trading with foreigners under the sanction of the ruling samurais.

To bring greater order to the fledgling trade and to curb piracy, official letters were issued to trusted merchants granting them permission to trade. It was declared that traders not carrying the letters with the official “Shuin” or vermillion seal were not deemed lawful. The “Vermillion Seal” ships were in the vanguard of this trade. With crews drawn from many nationalities and sailing in ships that blended the best of Japanese, Chinese and Western design, they combined their diverse personal knowledge to open Japan to foreign commerce while providing their trading partners with the confidence of the ruling samurais' imprimatur. Vermilion Capital Management provides bespoke capital services to investors and clients seeking access to Japan and other Asian markets.

In the spirit of the Vermilion Seal ships, our small, diverse and committed team will provide tailored products and advice which meet recognized international standards but are grounded in a deep knowledge of local markets.

Our Vision
To be a leading provider of bespoke capital services in Asia
Our Values


The captains of the Vermilion Seal ships had to possess sufficient integrity and trustworthiness to warrant the owners’ and investors’ confidence. We expect and demand from our team the same integrity and understanding of our fiduciary responsibilities.


The Vermilion Ships’ crews were drawn from across Europe and Asia and brought their own particular skills to the enterprise. But success hinges on working together for a common goal. We believe our diverse but close-knit team is ideal for providing the tailored services we promote.


Any sea journey in the 16th and 17th century was an uncertain and risky endeavor but with potentially rich rewards. We share a strong commitment to our and our partners’ goals coupled with a understanding of the potential risks involved and the steps required to achieve our objectives.


The Vermilion Seal Ships were a model of innovation, bringing together elements of different ideas and cultures from around the globe to make a vessel perfectly suited to its task. True to our goal of providing bespoke services, we will always aim to innovate where possible and practical to achieve our partners’ goals.

Our Business Model

Our Business Model